Mt. Horne

Mt. Horne near Cathedral Grove and Port Alberni

Mt. Horne, the old-growth hillside above Cathedral Grove.

Status: Unprotected
Location: Central Vancouver Island, near Port Alberni & Cathedral Grove
Public/Private Land: Private (owned by Island Timberlands)
First Nations Territory: Hupacasath First Nation

Area description: Canada’s most famous old-growth forest, Cathedral Grove, has been visited by millions of people around the world. Unfortunately, the mountainside above this world-famous grove, Horne Mountain, has been roaded by Island Timberlands in preparation for potential logging. This will not only fragment extremely rare and endangered ancient Douglas-fir stands, of which 99% have been logged on BC’s coast, but will threaten the park below through increased erosion and siltation. The BC government must take responsibility for environmentally deregulating vast sections of forest lands around Port Alberni in 2004, including Mount Horne, McLaughlin Ridge, and the Cameron Firebreak in Hupacasath territory, and Katlum Creek, and protect these areas that were originally supposed to be saved as old-growth winter range for deer and/or elk, and for species at risk.

Take Action: Send a message to protect the ecological integrity of Cathedral Grove and BC’s endangered ancient forests at

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