Protect the endangered old-growth forests of British Columbia and ensure sustainable forestry jobs in the province
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Business and Organization Support

Thanks to the generous support of donors, the Ancient Forest Alliance has quickly grown to become BC's leading grassroots organization working for the protection of endangered old-growth forests and forestry jobs across the province.

In the past several years since the AFA was founded, the local small business community along with artists and other organizations has bolstered the AFA's important work through many fundraising initiatives ranging from yoga studio Karma Classes, gift raffles, 'Haircut not Clearcut' salon fundraisers, in kind donations, proceeds from products or services to music festivals, concerts and special event benefits.

We look forward to working with many more such supporters in 2015 and beyond as we pursue our ambitious goal of ensuring legislated protection for endangered old-growth forests across the province!

Interested in Donating or Organizing a Fundraiser?

To arrange a fundraiser in support of the AFA, please contact us with your business fundraising ideas. We can assist in bolstering the fundraiser via our website, facebook and twitter as appropriate, and depending on the nature of the event, we may be able to support with tabling by a member of our AFA team or have one of our campaigners attend as a guest speaker.

The Ancient Forest Alliance is now an approved partner of 1% for the Planet (, an initiative where business members worldwide commit 1% of their sales to a network of environmental organizations. Join the growing number of businesses who value and support a sustainable future.

We also accept direct monetary donations through our secure online form or through paypal � see our Donations Page ( for details.

Alternatively, call or email to arrange your Business Donation:

  • Telephone: 250-896-4007
  • E-Mail:
  • You may also send a cheque made out to the "Ancient Forest Alliance" to the address below:

    Ancient Forest Alliance
    Victoria Main PO
    PO Box 8459
    Victoria, BC
    V8W 3S1

    All online donations to us are secure. The Ancient Forest Alliance is a registered BC non-profit society (#S0056367).

    Donations are not tax deductible in order to avoid government restrictions on our political advocacy and freedom of speech, allowing us to maximize the effectiveness of your donation.


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    Protect the endangered old-growth forests of British Columbia and ensure sustainable forestry jobs in the province

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