Protect the endangered old-growth forests of British Columbia and ensure sustainable forestry jobs in the province
Photo Gallery - Upper Walbran Valley
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Upper Walbran Valley
The Upper Walbran Valley was left out of the parks deal when the BC government protected the Carmanah Valley and Lower Walbran in the 1990's. Since then, the rich upper valley has been turned into a virtual Swiss cheese by logging, fragmenting the spectacular old-growth forest. Stumps up to 15ft in diameter have been found in the sprawling clearcuts. The Upper Walbran has been a focal point for many environmental battles for the past 15 years and time is running out to save what is left in this incredible valley.
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Castle Giant - 50ft in CircumferenceCastle Giant - 50ft in CircumferenceCastle Giant with Surrounding Old-Growth ForestCastle Giant - Bottom to TopTolkien Giant - Red CedarTolkien Giant - Unprotected Giant Redcedar with Hikers
Upper Walbran - 14ft Redcedar StumpBig Redcedar Along the TrailGrandma Betty Tree - Giant Unprotected Douglas firGrandma Betty Tree - Giant Unprotected Douglas firMordor Tree - Redcedar with Candelabra Top Old-Growth Redcedar on Forest Trail
Upper Walbran Valley - Riverside TrailUpper Walbran Valley - Riverside Campspot in Old-GrowthUpper Walbran Valley - Old-Growth Forest Near CampNurse LogFungiRed Columbine Flower
Cedar, Spruce, and HemlockBlack Bear CubsOld-Growth ForestSuspended Soil in Forked Redcedar BranchThe Emerald PoolEmerald Pool
Walbran Falls and PoolWalbran FallsWalbran FallsWalbran River and TreesWalbran River - Rope Swing PoolWalbran River Leading Into Emerald Pool
Upper Walbran - Steep Mountain CliffUpper Walbran - Big Redcedar StumpUpper Walbran - 14ft Stump with Castle Grove in Distant BackgroundUnprotected Castle Grove in Lowland BackgroundUpper Walbran Valley ClearcutUpper Walbran Valley - Hillside Old-Growth Logging
Upper Walbran - Old-Growth LoggingUpper Walbran Valley - Fresh Old-Growth LoggingUpper Walbran Valley - Freshly Fallen Giant RedcedarUpper Walbran Valley - Giant Redcedar ShatteredUpper Walbran Valley - W700 rd CutblockGiant Douglas fir Wood Waste
Upper Walbran Valley - Recent Old-Growth LoggingUpper Walbran Valley - Big Stump in New CutblockUpper Walbran Valley - Sad FaceUpper Walbran Valley - 15ft Diameter Redcedar StumpUpper Walbran Camp rd Turnoff - Turn Right


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Protect the endangered old-growth forests of British Columbia and ensure sustainable forestry jobs in the province

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