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People gather to share concerns over company's practice

Powell River Peak, May 4, 2015

Over 100 people converged on Base Camp Monday, April 27, for a quickly organized meeting to discuss logging plans within the City of Powell River.

With interest generated through Facebook and other social media outlets following a press release by Island Timberlands that was uploaded to the Peak’s website, elected officials, environmentalists and community residents gathered to hear clarification about imminent road-building and harvesting involving Lot 450.

The meeting was facilitated by Erin Innes, who has experience organizing community residents opposed to logging in the Crowther Road area, and reportedly was respectful, quiet and evident that people wanted to listen and understand. Speeches were given by Mayor Dave Formosa, Councillor Russell Brewer, Esther Dyck regarding her communication with Island Timberlands around Myrtle Creek, Eagle Walz, Powell River Parks and Wilderness Society, Jay Yule, superintendent of schools for School District 47, Joseph McLean from Western Forest Products Stakeholders committee and more.

“If we are going to succeed at holding this company accountable to our community, it won’t be enough to leave it up to a few people to make decisions and take the lead,” said Innes after the event. “Everyone can and should find actions they can take that they feel good about, and get started. Getting out on the land is vital and so is spreading the word.” She suggested people document the land by taking video and photographs.

Those who gathered Monday evening brought different experiences and opinion, but “the overriding commonality was anger over Island Timberlands not being a good neighbour and not being accountable to the community,” said Innes.

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Protect the endangered old-growth forests of British Columbia and ensure sustainable forestry jobs in the province

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